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chapman movie awards


Alex Fletcher, a locksmith trapped inside the wreckage of a life numbed by drugs and regret, receives an unexpected and troubling letter that draws him back to his childhood home, an idyllic town in the Colorado Rockies. Although facing heartbreaking memories and the demons from his past is anything but idyllic, Alex’s journey does lead to a confrontation that may be the key to his emotional healing and freedom.

Award winning cinematographer, Sean Stiegemeier’s captivating images of the New West provide the ideal backdrop to Justin Owensby’s thoughtful exploration of adolescent love and wounded relationships.


CHAPMAN, an ultra-low budget independent feature with a big budget look, was filmed in and around Aspen, Colorado in the summer of 2011. Post-production was completed in Los Angeles in 2012. Director/Writer, Justin Owensby, envisioned returning home to make Chapman as a way to contribute to the organization that he credits with “turning his life around” when he was a high school student. For this reason, a substantial portion of the proceeds from the film will be donated to Mpower, a Colorado based initiative that has been providing positive youth development programs for over 10 years. Several former Mpower students, now pursuing careers in the film industry, worked on Chapman as crew and production personnel. Production was funded through a combination of private investments and generous donations.

"In his feature debut “Chapman,” Justin Owensby echoes the work of Terrence Malick, with a visual style that evokes emotion, and adds beauty and longing to a story that is poetic, deep, and familiar."

- Stewart Oksenhorn, Arts Editor, Aspen Times

“Chapman beautifully captures the bond of childhood friends and first loves, and their importance in finding where you belong
in the world.”

- Kyle Burt, Cinequest Film Festival

“I have seen Chapman at least four times now and I am still in love with it. It is an absolutely beautiful film...”

- Gabby Hermon, Newport International Film Festival